Case Study

Wedding And Event Venue

Our team delivered comprehensive operational and management solutions to optimize our client's business processes and drive growth. By leveraging our expertise in team management, training, and automation, we empowered our client to streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

To enhance the client's team performance, we provided extensive training and support. We took the initiative to train their marketing support on creating campaigns using the client's preferred email system. Additionally, we set up an automation system to streamline the client's workflow and improve efficiency. We also provided in-depth training on CRM management, enabling the client's team to effectively manage customer relationships and data.

Our operational support extended to sourcing businesses within a 30-mile radius for targeted outreach. We developed and executed a strategic cold outreach email campaign and formulated an effective outbound engagement strategy. These efforts aimed to help our client reach potential business partners and promote their venue for corporate events.

Through our focus on operational efficiency and management solutions, we successfully supported our client's growth. As a result of our year-long partnership, our client experienced a remarkable 30% increase in overall business revenue, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored approach to operations and management.


Case study

Baby And Mother E-Commerce Shop

Our team drove our client's brand presence and sales through a comprehensive, multi-channel approach. By providing full-service social media management, influencer partnerships, email marketing, advertising, and operational support, we successfully increased brand awareness and generated consistent, high-quality content that resonated with their target audience.

Our content creators developed a strategic plan, delivering five custom, on-brand posts per week across various formats, while optimizing profiles, bios, highlights, and pinned posts for maximum reach and engagement.

Our influencer management team sourced and collaborated with top-performing UGC creators and influencers, amplifying brand awareness and fostering a strong sense of community.

Our email marketing specialists crafted and executed weekly campaigns that effectively engaged our client's substantial subscriber base, achieving an impressive average open rate of 35%. This demonstrates our ability to captivate and connect with our client's audience.



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    β€œThe team built my entire website, they manage my dropshipping products, and I'm consistently coached by Thao to better my strategies and grow into other business opportunities. I love that I'm learning so much and seeing my business grow and more opportunities opening up is so exciting! I truly recommend working with this team!” - Client from Washington

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    β€œThe coaching and business services I've been getting have transformed my business and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Before I was trading time for money going to each home to do their interior design by the hour, which barely paid the bills. But the team helped me completely change up the way I charge for my services, how to automate things so I'm not trading time for money and still make income, and how to market my messaging in a way that my customers realize that I'm providing them way more than what they're paying for. I can't believe I spend so many years doing all this the wrong way. You need to start working with this team today!” - Client from New York

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    β€œI had a business that I've been running for years on the side as a hobby that I never thought could actually grow into something bigger. The team completely redid my logo, my offering, my messaging, even all of my social posts and content. Changed up my business strategies and helped me redo all of my business paperwork and set up payment portals where I don't have to drive to people's houses to collect money. It's been incredible and I highly recommend working with this team!” - Client from Texas